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The Toughest Challenges in Education Demand the Boldest Entrepreneurs with the Boldest Ideas!

Launched ED exists to support entrepreneurs and invest in the ideas that break through entrenched roadblocks, solve big problems and create lasting change for students, families, and educators. Launched ED is a combination of various resources, partnership and funding funnel with industry experts providing consulting services to get any education-related initiative off the ground with maximum efficiency. Contacting Launched ED means access not only to industry expertise and funding, but top business development, sales, marketing, and public affairs assets.

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Business Development

Leveraging connections and partnerships to expand and thrive.


Creating scalable solutions to solve complex growth challenges.


Solutions for schools, educational institutions, and supporting organizations.
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Reliable Expertise from Industry Veterans

Getting a school or education-related business off the ground is a complex task, involving not only the business side but often political and legal involvements. Launched ED is comprised of industry experts with years of experience in getting education projects going, regardless of size or scope. With Launched ED, you get:

Expert Consulting
Access to Funding Streams
Industry-Specific Business Development and Marketing
Assistance with Public Affairs and Policy

Launched ED Values

To achieve consistent success, we hold ourselves and our team to the following values:

Be a Leader: We’re All leaders—supporting, pushing and thriving. Show it.
Take Responsibility: The Person in the mirror is always responsible. No Excuses.
Integrity & Honesty: You Word matters—always do what you say you’re going to do.
Excellence: Always do your best by preparing and producing consistent quality work.
Support Success: Look up, down, right, left — always help others be successful.
Create and Deliver Value: What separates us is creating & delivering value.
Respect Time: Time is our most limited resource. Put each minute to good use, and always value the time of others.
Communicate Responsibly: You are responsible for ensuring that your message is received as intended.

Launched ED is a company that provides business development, funding, and consulting services for any education-related company, business, non-profit or initiative. Launched ED. is a combination of various resources, partnerships, and funding funnel with industry experts providing services to support any education-related initiative.

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